Early Years

Konstantinos was born in Athens. Up until high school he believed in Santa Claus, so considering him gullible wouldn’t be far from truth. He finished school, studied Business Administration in AUEB and proceeded towards a PhD in Economics when he realized that his passion was elsewhere. Contrary to everybody’s common sense, he decided to drop out of the program. He became an artist; in streets, small stages, big theatres and on national television. He has written four plays. All of them found their way to the stage.


During that “artistic” period, his powerful communication abilities led to various invitations for keynote speeches in a multitude of corporate events for a multitude of topics. On a really lucky afternoon, he was seen from the owner of an international speakers bureau, who offered him an exclusive agreement next to world class business leaders, leading researchers, athletes and Nobel laureates. He considered the offer for a couple of milliseconds and said yes. Being a speaker and a consultant became – slowly but gradually – his main occupation.

Entrepreneur & Online Courses

Nowadays Konstantinos, apart from his speaking and consulting projects, is a co-founder and shareholder in two different food businesses and builds a herbal cosmetics company. Nevertheless his main focus is on finding, writing, creating and teaching the best content he can on optimal performance and productivity, with the purpose to share it with as many people as possible through a plethora of platforms. His life’s mission is to help people enter the state of Eudaimonia. In simpler words, to create and deliver happiness, laughter and love in any possible way.