Pagerism (n.) the act of riffling the pages of a book until you find a great idea.

The world has become a place full of suckers for irrelevancy. Talented, bright, capable minds are languished in front of a damn phone’s screen and are getting more and more unable to focus on something that can make their life better, healthier, brighter, more pleasant and joyful.

Pagerism is a project and YouTube show focused exactly on that. Is my way to promote healthy, inspiring, thought provoking, intriguing and at least interesting food for our minds by sharing every single day an amazing thought out of the world’s best books.

Your thought process, the conversation you are making inside your head constitutes the defining factor of your life. So, what are you thinking about?… The answer is what YOU are allowing yourself to hear and see. It is time to start taking care of that.

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