For numerous years, Konstantinos has been helping multinational organizations and executives produce more, faster, better.


  • He delivers fast-paced, highly educational, dynamic and inspiring keynotes designed to delight, empower and transform the way people see themselves and the world.
  • He shares only proven, research based methods and strategies to help people and organizations perform optimally.
  • All of his keynotes are custom-made based on the specific needs of each conference and target audience.
  • His sessions are highly interactive regardless of the audience size.
  • He has a unique ability to not only maintain but to increase the audience’s interest and because he is an accomplished illusionist he uses illusions and mind tricks to thrill and engage with his audiences.


Leadership 101: Break the Matrix

Double Your Productivity and triple your Results

Use you Brain the Optimal Way

Creativity 101: Awaken the Genius Within

Habits of excellence


Unusual Themes

Konstantinos has developed three creative and inspiring speaking sessions out of the ordinary, in addition to his usual keynote themes. Please check below for more information.


This keynote is a dive into the mysterious world of magic, illusion and the everlasting battle between illusionists for the newest, most provocative, most
successful and most amazing illusion.

The audience will experience the magic as it looks behind the curtains, the creative process from the first draft to the final show-piece of an illusion
and the whole procedure through which the world’s greatest illusionists innovate and compose different illusions. At the same time the audience will learn
methods, strategies and techniques that they can use to change their mindsets, be innovative and much more effective in whatever they do.

Why magic and illusions?

Because in order to be a successful illusionist one must know the fundamentals of psychology and human behavior, be disciplined, persuasive, focused, able
to manage unpredictable conflicts, creative, innovative, definite in his plans and goals, a great listener and last but not least must be able to sell
himself in any way he wants any time he wants.

What it takes to be an amazing illusionist? Exactly what it takes to be successful in corporations.


In this unusual theme, Konstantinos is joining forces with the incredible conductor Rafael Pilarinos, and together they create a combination of
performance/seminar through which the audience has the rare chance to witness the work of a conductor with an orchestra from the first rehearsal of a
musical piece to its final form when it’s ready for a concert.

The audience will have the chance to learn what the conductor does before and during rehearsals, how he commands the respect of his orchestra, how he plans
and communicates with the composer and finally how he manages to lead everybody towards the achievement of a specific goal, while at the same time they
learn the fundamental principles of management, leadership, teamwork and expert communication.

What a conductor has to do with the corporate world?

Being a conductor is almost the same as being a manager, except the baton and the carefree hair styling. A conductor must have a definite crystal clear
goal, an ability to adapt to different kinds of information fast and effectively, he must also be able to generate respect to his role as a leader, inspire
others to follow plans and procedures as well as being able to promote efficient teamwork towards a given objective in a limited amount of time.


This is an amazing team building experience where the participants will have an amazing chance to relax and free their body, to regain its lost
expressiveness, self-esteem and the ability to communicate better and more effective. In addition, the Boost Yourself. Boost your Teamwork teambuilding
workshop promotes in a magnificent way teamwork, acceptance, trust and respect which all are building blocks of high performance team dynamics.

Konstantinos has joined forces with professional acting teachers, actors and performers and with their contribution has created a teambuilding program of
total immersion, unlike from anything you have experienced before.

Actors, Performers and Executives. What do they have in common?

To paraphrase Washington Irving: “Acting provides the fulfillment of never being fulfilled. You’re never as good as you’d like to be. So there’s always
something to hope for.”

This is exactly what actors, performers and corporate people have in common. A perpetual effort for more and better in everything they do. An actor has to
be expressive, with a relaxed body which is full of energy, self – confident, able to work under different directions to complete totally different
projects, innovative, a great team player and when is needed highly effective on his or her own, able to work under tremendous pressure, risky, with an
ability to take different roles and support with a burning desire to support them the best way possible and with a great sense of sharing and contributing
beyond his own self.

Frankly to be a great actor is all about being a great leader and the whole Boost Yourself. Boost your Teamwork program is full of highly sophisticated and
intensive exercises in an environment of complete immersion for at least three hours, that will enhance tremendously your leadership and communication

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